Japan’s Done it Again: Introducing….THE CAT NIGHT CLUB

What do you get when you mix world class electro and cats? (well besides the Re-Meowmix video we posted last week…) NEKO, Japan’s cat night club. This club is home to 120 handpicked cats, some rescued from the streets, and some rare breeds from around the world.


The 3 “Pet & Play” areas that are home to the cats, are separated from the actual music and dance floor. They’re also sound proofed to protect that cats ears, and fully stocked with everything a cat could want from scratching posts to catnip dispensers. So when your tired from busing a move (or in our case when you hurt yourself after attempting to shake it like Beyonce) you can relax in these rooms with some real life felines. Oh, and on Sunday’s they open the whole club up to the cats and play ambient music at cat-friendly volumes. Can you guys say BEST HANGOVER CURE EVER? Just take our Money Club Neko. Take it all.





[via mixmag]

10 Cats Who Haven’t Moved In Years!

At least that’s what it looks like! You may have seen the trend crossing the internet of families reenacting old family photos, well these cat owners wanted to do the same with their furry family members. They performed magic, and somehow got their cat comrades to pose for the camera, reenacting snapshots from their kitten years. I don’t know about you, but trying to get my cat to do anything that wasn’t his idea in the first place is near impossible, so our hats are off to these creative and persuasive cat lovers.

Before After Cat 10

Before After Cat 9

Before After Cat 8

Before After Cat 7

Before After Cat 6

Before After Cat 5

Before After Cat 4

Before After Cat 3

Before After Cat 2

Before After Cat 1

Spring has sprung!

and you know what that means. Time to break out the broom and brush away those winter cobwebs for some SPRING CLEANING. Might sound like a drag, but if you have the right company, like these guys, it might just be the thing to jumpstart you out of hibernation.