4 Cat-Weddings and a Fun-For-All!

Wedding season is here!

and for the first time ever, I will actually admit, I am a fan.

Until last year-ish, I dreaded getting wedding invitations in the mail. Seriously, with the amount of groaning that occurred after opening one, you would have thought someone mailed me a punch in the face. To be fair, I had a few bad experiences that led up to my illogical hatred, like the wedding with the unfortunate bridesmaid’s dress incident (I’ll let you fill in the blanks on this one), or the one where my boyfriend broke up with me the day before, and I had to field all the  “Where’s what-his-jerk?” questions through mouthfuls of sorrow-and-dispair cake, oh, excuse me wedding cake.

BUT, last year I think my heart grew three sizes one day, and I actually enjoyed the two I attended. They were very sweet, full of love, and the open-bar wasn’t unappreciated. They were also well designed, and, being the art-nerd (and somewhat vain) that I am, I appreciated the details in the decor. A well executed theme can go a long way to making that much-anticipated day one for the books, whether it be something simple like a day in the countryside, or something more elaborate like a movie or book inspired extravaganza, or even something more….animal?

Yes, that’s right, I used animal as a description for a wedding theme, more specifically CATS! Love is that moment, that fleeting millisecond, when you lay eyes on an adorable ball of fur, and there are no tangible thoughts, there is just “Awwww”. Love is being in a bad mood and seeing a cute kitten on your favorite cat blog (this one right?) and all those bad vibes instantly evaporate. Why not theme a wedding around that pure feeling? That seems like the perfect attitude to have going into a long and happy life together.

so a toast! To the quirky idealist that dares to be different and celebrate love in the form of cat!

Lauren & Brian

Natasha & Doug

Happily Wedding

Full disclosure, this one isn’t an actual wedding. It was staged for marketing material for Happily Wedding, a wedding planning company, but they have some great ideas, and if I was in the market for a wedding planner, I’d say move over J. Lo.

Jessica & Joseph

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