Lifestyles of the Furry and Famous: @george2legs

First and furr-most (pause for punny laughter…) I CAN’T get enough of this cat! Oh, what’s that? Having a bad day? BOOM! NOT ANYMORE! That is the healing power of @george2legs, or simply known as George.

The George Stache

We met across a crowded internet. He had me at Meow. It was love at first click. Okay, okay, enough puns, in all seriousness though I’d bet all the bitcoins George could melt the heart of, shall we say, even the “grumpiest” of cats. Maybe it’s his Ron Swanson swagger ‘stache, or maybe it’s just all that brimming confidence. I mean, any cat can saunter around, pouncing and leaping on four graceful legs, but George dares to challenge what it is to be cat. George, the munchkin exotic short-haired cat, views the world from atop his TWO sturdy hind legs. Why? Because. That’s why. and that’s all the reason George needs. (but really, according to owner Andrew Parks, it could be because he hears a weird noise, or he’s just scoping out his surroundings…)

George, the Austin, Texas native, began to develop his patent stance at the young age of 6 weeks.

Now, at the ripe old age of 8 months, George’s signature look could put a few Next Top Model contestants to shame. Okay, so maybe America’s Next Top Model Senior Edition… but don’t let that surly get-off-my-lawn-you-wippersnappers look fool you. George is a sweetheart cuddle bug, or should we say cuddle pug, considering his two besties are of the pug variety…and he likes to cuddle with them…

Let George bring a smile to your face everyday by following him here:

Instagram: @george2legs





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