Felis Catus and a Happy Earth Day!

No, I’m not wishing you a “Happy Cat” in Spanish. Although, if you do own a cat I suppose I do wish it is happy, but I’d probably wish it in english because I don’t speak spanish. Maybe one day….

(It’d be “gato feliz” in Spanish. I just looked it up. Thank you google!)


Felis Catus is the scientific name for your furry roommate. There are 36 species of cats in the world, but all 42 breeds of the house cat, according to Cat Fancier’s Association, are rolled into one species. In honor of Earth Day, we’re going to highlight 5 breeds of cute and cuddly from around the Earth. One for each letter in name of the planet we’ve come to call home.


The Abyssinian from Africa


The Egyptian Mau from Egypt (super original name, we know)

Young Birman-cross cat Dwarf Lionhead x Lop rabbit

Birman Cat from Burma (the one on the right)


The Norwegian Forest Cat from (you guessed it) Norway

Persian Cat

The Persian from The United States (bet you didn’t see that coming)


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